My favorite EQ plugins

1. FabFilter Pro-Q
The FabFilter Pro-Q is my go to EQ when it comes to shaping. It’s very precise, you can set the bandwidth real steep and it sounds real natural. It’s perfect for cutting.
Channelstrips and parallel pic 001
2. SSL channelstrip EQ
SSL EQ’s got great characteristics. Even when you just tweak a little bit it can sound so much better. Works on everything. I love the Duende and the UAD versions but the Waves versions are also really good.
3. API
Same as SSL EQ’s the API EQ’s got great characteristics. I love it on especially on drums and guitars.
PuigTec EQ
4. PuigTec
I’m a big fan of PulTecs in the analog world so I love good emulations of it in the digital world. The PuigTec¬†from Waves is a great emulation. Like the real deal you only got 2 frequencies you can set but especially the top end sounds real good. That’s why I love it on Hihats, Vocals etc.
Mindnight EQ
5. Focusrite Midnight
For a real bright and clean sound the Midnight EQ by Focusrite is perfect. It got 4 frequency bands you can tweak (frequency, bandwidth and gain)