4 things no producer should ever do

1. Put effects like reverbs on main signal
Unless you’re doing this as a special effect you should never put effects like reverbs, chorus’, flangers etc directly on the main signal. Put your effect on a bus/aux and feed that with a send from the signal you want the effect on. Even if the effect got a dry/wet knob you should still put it on a bus/aux and turn the knob to 100% wet. The reason for this is that you want to keep as much as control as possible so you need to be able to control the exact amount of effects and their levels. And the only way to do this accurately is to keep them on separate busses/auxes.

2. Spam industry professionals with your links
Never spam people you want attention from with your links. Especially not without a proper introduction. The key is to build a relationship with people and you don’t do that with spamming your music. That will only annoy people. Once you already have a relationship with a person then it’s fine to share your new music with them once in a while (don’t overdo it tho!). But make sure you always address them personally if you do so.

3. Clipping in your DAW
Analog distortion can add harmonics to your sound and make your mixes richer, add more punch to your drums etc. I love to slam the meters into red on an SSL console! But in the digital world it’s the total opposite; digital clipping sounds horrible and will ruin your mix. So make sure the meters never go red in you DAW. Always keep enough headroom.

4. Eat the sample
If an artist or label can’t clear the sample you used on the track they’re releasing, or just don’t want to, never take full responsibility for the sample. Split the risk, change the beat or don’t sign the release form at all. Whatever you feel more comfortable with but don’t take the risk all by yourself. Cause if the people who own the sample will come after you then only you are screwed, while the artist might be still making money performing with the track. It can be kinda stressful especially if it’s a big placement you don’t want to lose. I´ve been in this situation myself. I didn’t know what to do so I asked my friend Bink! for advise cause he been producing a lot of my favorite sample-based records (from Jay-Z’s 1-900-Hustler to Kanye’s Devil In A New Dress) and I knew he got a lot of experience dealing with the business side of things. He called me back right away and said “Shroom NEVER eat the sample! Let them share the risk with you if they don’t want to clear.” So I took his advise and luckily they agreed so I didn’t loose the placement. At the end of the day if they really want to use the record they will try to make it work with you.


by Shroom


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