Effects on Samples

Last time I gave you 4 tips for chopping samples, but now I wanna give you some insight of what you can do to samples to make them sound more original and get more creative with them.

Presentation Pic005

1. Filter your samples
This is a pretty basic tip but I still want to cover it. What I do on most samples is filter out everything below around 100hz to make room for the kick, bass and/or 808. I also like to filter out some of the top end of the samples to smooth it out and make room for the snare, hihats and cymbals. You can also get creative and automate your filters to get that EDM type filter effect. You do that by slowly cutting more low end or top end if you know what I mean.

Hihats Pic002

2. Reverb
To give Samples more of an Arena Feel I sometime like to put big reverbs on them so that it gives you the feeling you’re standing in an arena. And sometimes I just like to add a little bit of reverb to add some ambiance to the sample. You can also automate or filter reverbs if you want to get a little more creative. Or maybe you wanna run your reverb thru a phaser or so. There are no rules and the possibilities are endless so be creative!

Hihats Pic001

3. Phasers, Chorus’ and Flangers
If I want to create a more space type effects on my samples I like to get creative with Phasers, Chorus’ and/or Flangers. Flangers an Phasers can really work if you want your sample to kinda move around in your headphones. Depends on what I’m going for but most of the time I put Flangers, Chorus’ and Phasers on a bus which I feed from the send of the sample. Then I balance the dry and wet signal. But in a few cases I put them directly on the main signal if that’s the effect I want.

4. Reverse
Another cool effect, which also makes the sample harder to recognize, is to reverse the sample or parts of the sample.

5. Guitar Rig
Guitar Amp effects like Guitar Rig can also really help to get more creative with samples and change the sound and vibe of the sample.


by Shroom


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  1. Jay · April 12, 2016

    Thanks for the tip bro


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