My 5 favorite mix plugins

Mastering pic002

1. FabFilter
Since my man Felix from Wisseloord Studios introduced me to the FabFilter Pro-DS I have been using it on all of my mixes. The control is just amazing. Also their Pro-Q has become one of my go-to EQ’s. I really like the metering where you can see the frequency spectrum in real time pre and post EQ. Also on this one the control you’ve got is really good. Then they also got the Saturn distortion plugin. Again with incredible control. You can split the signal in multiple frequency bands and apply different types of distortion to each frequency band. Then you can still choose the balance between the dry and the wet signal within the plugin. Just amazing!

Presentation Pic006

2. CLA-3A
The CLA-3A compressor from Waves is my go-to compressor. Wether it’s kicks, snares or vocals I’m mixing, the first plugin in my chain is 9 out of 10 times the CLA-3A. It’s very easy to setup (just got 2 knobs) and as soon as you set it up right it brings the signal more in-your-face right away.


3. C4
The C4 multiband compressor is also a plugin I use a lot. I like to put this at the last plugin on my chain when I’m mixing vocals or instruments to smooth it out a bit and make sure none of the frequencies get out of control at certain parts. Sometimes I use it when I’m mastering as well.


4. OliGarc
When it comes to phasers and chorus’ I usually like to use the OliGarc series from Stilwell Audio. Without tweaking they already sound really good. Very easy to use and sound amazing. I also like their Overdrive plugin a lot.

Hihats Pic002

5. TrueVerb
My go-to reverb is the TrueVerb from Waves. Also cause it’s very easy to setup and it does exactly what I want. As you have noticed by now I really like plugins that are easy to setup and where you can really hear the results.

Other plugins I really like are SSL Channel Strip, RVox, Melodyne, RBass, Dynamic Delay, Focusrite Red, Fairchild, LoFi etc. Let me know if you know any amazing plugins that I might not know about.


by Shroom

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  1. Demonceie · April 4, 2016

    That ProQ2 is off the hook. I use that as my go-to EQ for many things. LA3A another great one, especially with a Puigtec EQP1A on kicks, wow!


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