Get a huge Kick in 4 steps

Like I did for “Making you Snare knock” here is a quick go to guide you can use as a starting point for getting a huge Kick

Shroomadelic Drums Vol. 1
Step 1
Use the right sample
First you’ll have to know how you want your kick to sound. Then go thru your sample library to find one or more kicks (if your layering) that comes the closest to the sound you’ve got in mind. Make sure the quality is great and it fits your record.

Presentation Pic006

Step 2 
Compress your kick
One of the first steps in my chain, doesn’t matter if I’m mixing drums, instruments or vocals, is nine out of the ten times compression. Also when it comes to Kicks. My go to compressor for this stage is the CLA-3A from Waves cause it just brings your Kick more in-your-face immediately and it’s very easy to setup, it only got two knobs.


Step 3
EQ your Kick
On Kicks I like to use two stages of EQ’s. The first stage usually is the FabFilter Pro-Q EQ which I occasionally use to roll off everything below around 50hz in order to make room for the bass and boost a bit around 100hz for some more body. The second stage of EQ-ing will mostly be the SSL Channel Strip EQ (Duende or Waves) which I use to boost the ‘sweet spots’ and create some character. This way you can make your kick sound a lot bigger.


Step 4
Multi band compress your Kick
I only do this if I feel it’s really needed to smoothen out the Kick a bit.

I don’t really use reverb on Kicks (unless that’s really the sound I’m going for to create some kind of effect or so) cause I feel it pushes the Kick more to the back of the mix and I like my Kicks to be in-your-face and knocking.

Like I always say this is just a starting point to give you some insight and inspire you to come up with your own sound and techniques. Every song is different so every song needs a different approach.


by Shroom

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  1. Demonceie · April 4, 2016

    I do my subtractive EQ with ProQ2, then prob an LA3A, finish it off with a Pultec EQ emulation to boost that 60 or 100Hz area. Works great!


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