4 quick tips for creating drum fills

Here are a few basic but helpful tips for creating live sounding drum fills for your tracks.

Fills Pic001

1. EZ Drummer
There are a bunch of Virtual Instruments for drums but the one I really like is EZ Drummer. There are a bunch of great expansions for it and each expansion is like a total different drum kit. You can choose to use pre programmed drum fills or program your own in MIDI. And if you own an electronic drum kit then you can hook it up with MIDI and actually play your own fills.

Fills Pic002

2. Sample drum fills
You can of course chop up dope fills from records you love. If there is a part in a song that got a dope drum fill, without any other instruments playing at the same time, then just sample it and tweak it till it fits your track.

Shroomadelic Drums Vol. 1

3. Use great samples
I’m not talking about sampling fills off records now but I mean like when you’re programming or playing your fills with a drum machine or sampler always make sure you use the right sounds. Always use high quality sounds. Or instead of sampling entire fills off records just sample a few one shots (maybe from different records), tweak them and program or play your own fills. But always make sure the sounds you choose or sample are really great and fit the record you’re creating.

Fills Pic003

4. Record a great drummer
One of the best ways might be to bring in a drummer and record him doing a few different fills to your track. Then edit that, sample that, tweak that and just make it work.


by Shroom


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