Make your Snare knock in 3 steps

Here is a real quick go to guide that you can use as a good starting point to make your snares knock.

Step 1: 
Choose the right snare sound. 
Either you’re going for one snare sample or you’re layering your snares, always choose your snare samples very carefully. Visualize in your head what snare sound you want for your track and go thru your samples to find that snare(s) that comes as close as possible to what you got in mind. Also make sure the quality of your snare samples are as high as possible.

Presentation Pic006
Step 2:
Compress your snare. 
I like to use the Waves CLA-3A for this cause it brings your snare more in your face. If you layered a bunch of snares run them together thru a bus and compress that bus.

Step 3:
EQ your snare. 
I like to use the Waves SSL channelstrip EQ and/or FabFilter EQ for this. Depending on the sound of the snare a good starting point usually is boosting somewhere in the mid high/high frequency range to add some more “snap” to the snare and I also like to boost a bit in the lower frequency range to give the snare some more “body“.

If your snare still don’t knock enough then duplicate it and heavily compress the duplicated signal (parallel compression), then find the right balance between both signals.

Like I said this is just a quick go to guide which gives you a good starting point for snares. Every snare and every song is different so use this to come up with your own techniques to create unique snare sounds. Be creative!


by Shroom

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