3 quick tips to help your kick and bass work together

Every now and then somebody asks me how to get the kick and the bass work together in a track, so I wanted to give you a few quick tips on this.

KickBass pic001
1. Low cut the kick
In many cases kick samples take up a lot of unnecessary space in the bottom range and are just sitting in the way of the bass. That’s why I like to low-cut the kick around 50hz in many cases. I don’t always do this but in many cases this helps. The reason I do this is to let the bass have that bottom space in the mix and use the kick for attack.

KickBass pic002
2. Who wins the battle?
It’s also just a decision making process, you have to decide who you want to let the battle win and what the function of your kick/bass is in the track. Do you want your kick or your bass stand out more? What’s the function of your kick? Low end or attack? Does your tracks needs a bass line at all?

KickBass pic003
3. Ducking
Especially in EDM this really works. Ducking is side chaining the kick thru a compressor on the bass, so every time the kick plays the bass will be compressed for the kick to cut thru better.


by Shroom


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